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The Artifact of Inspired Desire

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The [5⭐︎Regalia of Hope] PICK UP Equipment Chest PICK UP Celestia Chest will only be available during the limited-time chest from February 1st ~ 29th, 2024.

*Limited-time chest period may change without future notice.

5⭐︎Regalia of Hope
Light Action Spell + 7% Damage
Water Action Spell + 5% Damage
[User : Regina] : Light Action Skill + 5% SPD

*Each single summon will always use the same random rate.
*Whether you summoning 1 or 10 (1st ~ 9th roll), the random rate remains the same.
*The status of certain items of Celestia, Action, and Equipment obtained will be randomized.

Rates for receiving items in the [5⭐︎Regalia of Hope] PICK UP Equipment Chest:

Myth 2.00%
SR 8.00%
R 15.00%
UC 30.00%
C 45.00%

If it's a summon x 10 in the 10th roll, the rates will change to:

Myth 2.00%
SR 98.00%

- [5⭐︎Regalia of Hope] - The Artifact of Inspired Desire, can only be obtained from the limited-time chest.
- When obtaining a Equipment of the same rarity as the currently in PICK UP, there is a 50.00% chance it will be the PICK UP Equipment.
- A summon x 10 guarantees an SR or higher, at least one.
- Items obtained from the Equipment Chest have a chance of repetition.
- Items obtained from the Equipment Chest have a chance of receiving Celestia, Action, and Equipment.
- Items obtained from the Equipment Chest have a higher chance of receiving Equipment than the other two types.
- Each summon from the Equipment Chest earns Equipment Shard, which can be exchanged. Check details in [Exchange].
- The Equipment Shard can be used for exchanging currently PICK UP Equipment at the [Exchange] in the specified quantity during the PICK UP period only..
- Each summon is a random rate. Therefore, an item with a 1% rate does not guarantee that it will appear once in 100 summons.
- [5⭐︎ Regina] and [Regina] are considered different characters and cannot be teamed up together in battle.

Rate Table

Summon x 1 or 10 (1st ~ 9th roll)

Rarity Name Type Percent

Summon x 10 (10th roll)

Rarity Name Type Percent